Beat Saber : The best VR game ever.

Have you been longing for a game that is fun, enjoyable, easy to play and is a musical feast to both your eyes and ears, then Beat Saber is the game for you? Hi and welcome to kriyetive 1 min reads. 

What is Beat Saber?

To start with the beat is one of the most fun and musical game I have ever come across the Internet. Most of the games these days are so dark and intense, involving more violence than ever, But Beat is that kind of game which bring you joy playing. It's so musical and colorful but with just the right amount of sci-fi Gig FYI the lightsaber. The gameplay is more like fruit ninja or slice games buy with VR integration, it involves slicing the boxed which are thrown at you at just the right time along with a blast of soft music in the background throughout the gameplay. The game also involves different levels and gets harder to play as you proceed. 

Where can we find the Beat Saber Game?

The game is for ps4 and is available across the Internet, but at kriyetive, we would suggest you to take the best buy at the Steam Store and links are provided below as always. For more interesting games find us on 

Official Website: BEAT SABER 

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