Computer Hacks You May Not Know !?!!

Here in this post, we bring to you some of the simple yet useful hacks that prove to be a great time saver:

1) A Laptop battery charges faster when in Airplane mode.

When your Laptop is on Airplane mode, it means that many features like your Wifi, Bluetooth are disabled. This takes out pressure off your battery and allows it to charge faster. Your Laptop would get charged 10-15 mins faster than if you had the Airplane mode off when giving it a full charge. That's useful, ain't it?

2) Switch Between Open Windows: ALT + TAB

This keyboard shortcut launches a layover window that shows all open programs. Hold onto the ALT key and click the TAB key to move to the next application. Release both keys to open the selected window. A pretty useful shortcut to jump through multiple windows faster. And a necessary shotcut for devices like the Computer, which is known for it’s multitasking abilities. 

WIN+TAB is an alternative shortcut which performs hte same function.

3) An easier way to download Google images:

Most people right click on images and select the save option, but there is a much easier and faster way to download a photo on your computer. You need to press and hold the ALT button and then left click on the image, i.e. ALT+LMB, which will automatically save the image on your computer in the downloads folder.

4) Delete Without Confirmation: SHIFT + DEL

 Do you hate these nagging windows asking you whether you really want to do this or that? If you want to quickly delete something, without being harassed for confirmation, use this shortcut. After selecting the file you want to delete, hold on to the SHIFT button, then press DEL to immediately delete the file.

Do you want to make the instant delete route as your default setting? Right click the Recycle Bin on your desktop, select Properties, and remove the checkmark next to Display delete confirmation dialog.

5) A Clean Desktop means a faster computer.

If you're having problems with your PC's speed, it might be because of the fact that your desktop is full of icons. Instead of having a folder for every little thing on your desktop, you can just create one folder and move all the other folders in there and organize them. Nextly, you can pin all your apps into the taskbar, and you will be left with an almost empty desktop. This action will instantly maximize your computer speed.

6) Shortcuts to open apps pinned on Taskbar:

WIN+1, 2, 3, 4, etc. will launch each program in your taskbar. It is helpful then to keep your most used programs at the beginning of your taskbar so you can open them one right after another. This also works in Windows Vista for the quick launch icons.

WIN+ALT+1, 2, 3, etc. will open the jump list for each program in the taskbar. You can then use your arrows to select which jump list option you want to open.

7) Recovering deleted files:

Deleting files and then emptying the recycle bin can be frustrating at times. Because only afterwards you realize there was a file you really needed but you've already emptied the recycle bin. That makes you feel helpless right? Don't worry we got you covered. What you need to do is download RECUVA which is a top program to recover deleted files. You just need to type in what kind of file you're looking for and the program searches everything for you. But if it has been a long time since you deleted the file, it's possible that the program won't be able to locate the file.

8) WIN+UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT for moving the active window.

If you intend to quickly move the active window to make space for other apps, you could do that by using the WINDOWS key and one of the arrow keys. Each arrow key would move the window in the direction it is meant to. This shortcut makes it convenient(mainly for Laptops) to move the active windows by not having to use the mouse every time you need something moved.

9) For Dual monitors: WIN+SHIFT+ LEFT/RIGHT arrow key to move the active window to the other monitor.

If you are on a dual monitor setup using Windows 7 then you could press the WIN+SHIFT+LEFT arrow key combination to move the active the application window to the left monitor.

Similarly, if you need to move the current window to the right monitor screen, just press WIN+SHIFT+RIGHT arrow key.

We really hope these computer hacks we've tried to highlight over here proves to be helpful and time-saving.

Got a few Hacks you would like to share? Feel free to use the comment section below.

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