Dieing Coral Reef to The Tragedy of The Commons Part Two (Written for College)

 Cody Blade: I wrote this for my Environmental Science Class. This is the 2nd part and I think you should read it.

Coral Reef Painting

Now if everyone seems to be in an agreeance that this overpopulation of algae due to carbon is a massive problem then who in the world has an interest in these harmful carbon emissions. Gas companies are one major collective who has an interest in them as the fossil fuels are making toxic amounts carbon emissions are processed by them. Gas companies also do not have a clean reputation in situations like this and this behavior and mindset of not willing to change is very known an example to point to is to the leaded gasoline situation back in the day. Gas companies had paid Clair Patterson to study the effects of lead on gas due to public pressure from the United States government. “He said that the dangers of the prevalent practices were already clearly enough defined and that efforts should start immediately to drastically reduce or completely remove industrial lead from the everyday environment. That included gasoline, food containers, foils, paint, and glazes. He also cited water distribution systems. He urged "investigations into biochemical perturbations within cells caused by lead exposures ranging down from typical to 1/1000 of typical” Quoted from nap.edu. After public stating this a legal battle ensued for defamation filed against the scientist which the scientist one, they argued sharing this information publicly damaged profits, and destroyed the good name of the company and all the while at the same time US government was fighting against lead. This example of documented behavior shows how greed ruled supreme to environmental and public health for the gas companies. This is still being done today but instead of it being led it is carbon emissions. Only this time it’s more than just people suffering from the greed it is coral and an entire aquatic ecosystem.

The induvial involved who have an interest in not changing these dangerous ways include kings of country's whose economy's run on oil. Every single company owner that monopolizes fossil fuels. The owners of many factories, mines, power companies and more. The most documented and the most powerful induvial of all interested in keeping these practices afloat for dollar signs are is every politician whose campaigns are funded by these big companies. These companies do not just fund republican or democrat but both sides, so that they have a guarantee of their wants either way. These campaign donations are essentially brides to ignore the issue and they work each and every time. So, greed now does not just stay in the company landscape of things but in a powerful landscape. Meaning that while they have all the financial resources now, they have all the political resources. With all the elitist power in the opposition of fixing the excessive drawdown in the Floridian Aquifer due to population growth what can be done to fix this situation.

Well to fix the problem of coral death there the obvious idea of getting new laws passed but unfortunately, there’s already money in place to stop it. Also, you cannot stop the money because of how it is given. Now let’s say every one to stop using cars or use a certain type is very illogical. Firstly, we’ve come accustomed to lifestyles and people are not willing to give that up. Secondly, it does not cost efficient especially when you consider the price of material and the price of manufacturing those products. Now if that is not already pricey the same companies that manufacture these harmful products are going to make these and when making these, they are going to make products less useful and more costly that way they can make the products they want to. So yes, you could use less but one person isn’t enough. The solution is in the theory of evolution and selective breeding. As noted by National Geographic: (New Science Could Save Coral Reef) “hotspots of resilience where corals have already adapted to the extremes of heat and acidity that are likely to prevail on most reefs in the coming century. The idea is that such corals—or some of their critical genes, or the symbiotic algae that nourish them—can be transplanted to more vulnerable reefs, bolstering their chances of survival.” The idea to fix the tragedy of the commons here is to take small amounts of coral that are adapted to living in extreme conditions. Coral adapted to be in extremes and breed it with coral not adapted to so that the coral dying can genetically variate to survive. That way the coral won’t die in the rapid rate it is going and there is a team working on it now. Yes, there is a Tragedy in the Commons when it comes to the Floridian Aquifer excessive drawdown, but the commons are helping fix the tragedy and just need you to be aware of what harm you do but not follow the greed.

Regular coral reef

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