Drone Camera : Best Aerial Photographers

Hello there , welcome to kriyetive 1 min reads, Did you recently see something flying in the air with a camera stuck on top of it and you are shocked to find a kid operating that hazardous, free floating, easy to handle spying device. Well thats the Drone Mounted Camera. 

What are camera drones?

Technically Camera drones are only meant to make the process of snapping an air shot with ease. These drones are designed to have an amazing amount of stability and control to take up high quality videos or snaps for any Purpose. They are equipped with a premounted camera and are easy to control and fly around n your neighborhood. they provide amazing aerial shots and are used by film makers world wide. While some of them can be extremely costly DJI provides amazing quality drone cameras at affordable prices. 

Laws surrounding camera drones ?

Using drones is not a big thing but there are a lot of people who intent to use them in insecure and illegal ways so there are a few laws around to safeguard your privacy and to safeguard a nation. Drones can be easily manipulated and used for various purposes like invading a country, Invading your privacy or spying in a country. So many countries prefer to have restricted access to people who can buy these drones. In countries like US they are free to use the day they are brought, and in countries like India and Arab nations . You require a license to own and operate a Drone. 

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