Tesla's Promising Solar Roof

One of the first owners of a Tesla Solar Roof recently revealed his joy about solar roof installation. Revealing the usage behind the company’s blend-in tiles. It made headlines when he first shared photos of his installation, gave a new interview on Saturday detailing his experiences.

Elon Musk explained that the production of the Solar Roof is taking longer than expected due to the tiles long development cycle. The Tesla CEO did state that Solar Roof production should see a production ramp in 2019. This was highlighted in a later announcement on Twitter, with Musk listing the solar tiles as one of Tesla’s high-priority products, directly after the Model Y. With Tesla focusing on both its electric car and energy business in 2019, the number of customers buying into the full Tesla ecosystem would likely increase. Amanda, for her part, notes that her family might do just that.

According to Huynh a consumer named bill has provided a detailed revelation of his installation process which currently underway. Huynh’s bill normally comes to $350 per month for a four-person house, with the biggest usage coming from running the air conditioner and charging his Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3. His first bill with the solar roof came to $90, which Huynh said is “a little high,” but this bill only partially covers his time with the roof. The power company gives a rebate of two cents off the gas bill, rather than buying it back outright, so Huynh and his wife “try to avoid” sending back excess energy at the end of a day. With the sun shining, the roof can produce up to 10 kilowatts of power, charging the three walls in several hours, dropping down to three kilowatts on a gloomy day and normally producing around seven kilowatts.

The roof has already led to the family changing its habits, leaving the electric car behind during the day so the car batteries charge alongside the wall during the day. Huynh notes that the roof is so tough he hit it with a hammer to test its strength, noting that “I think there is a little premium to it, but I think it pays off really quick, and according to Tesla you have lifetime warranty on the roof.” If the roof drops below its expected performance, Tesla dispatches employees to clean and conduct any repairs.The recent product revelings of his solar roof has certainly changed the way people review solar powered cars and products. The success of the vehicles played a big part of us choosing to trust Tesla in being a part of early solar roof adopters. It is very possible that we’ll become Tesla vehicle owners in the future.

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