Jimmy Havoc Can't Take Critism

Jimmy Havoc Blocks Over Criticism

Jimmy Havoc
Jimmy Havoc a wrestler signed to New will block over criticism. The Wrestler blocked Instagram Account @FVCKOFFWRESTLING for a post analyzing his work. The post caption goes as follows.

"I heard the buzz about Jimmy Havoc so I watched a few of his matches & they fucking sucked he's the kind of guy who uses hardcore because he can't get over regularly with a crowd. So he starts grabbing shit missing the point of a hardcore match which is used when a regular match isn't violent enough for the people in the field. Exclusions for some gimmicks & most ecw guys. Let's say the extreme style is just his favorite & His style. A great example of extreme wrestlers is Team3d Tommy dreamer, Tazz, Abyss, etc. He's lacking the storytelling and promo skills these guys have and their characters are way better but even more important for that type of wrestler they don't have to be in a weapon match to get noticed or a pop.

During the interaction, Jimmy would Like the post. After a few seconds, he unliked the post which from there he would block the account. All of this is detailed in the accounts story highlights.

Moral of the Story: Don't critique Havoc he can't take it and will block you. Welp there goes my Instagram follow lol
Fvckoffwrestling Instagram

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