The mind boggling predictions from THE SIMPSONS

The Simpsonsan American animated sitcom which made it's debut on December 17, 1989, is the longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American scripted primetime television series both in terms of seasons and number of episodes. Till date the show has aired 662 episodes from 30 seasons, and seasons 31 and 32 was renewed by Fox earlier this year.
The Simpsons right from it's early years has been surrounded with many controversies. Though many have criticised the show's declining quality, the show has still managed to run on-air and please it's loyal fanbase.

It is known that The Simpsons' writers have been pretty apt with predictions over the years.

Here are some Mind boggling predictions that actually turned out true:

1) The terrifying GAME OF THRONES twist 

( Predicted- 2017 , Came true in- 2019 )

In Ep.5 of S8 of the popular HBO series we could see Daenerys Targaryen turning into a 'Mad Queen' and burning down Kings Landing with her dragon and killing countless citizens in the process.

A similar 2017 Game of Thrones-inspired episode of The Simpsons called “The Serfsons” saw Homer Simpson, Marge and the rest of the family in an alternate medieval universe called “Springfieldia.”

In one scene during the episode, the characters stand on a balcony and watch a dragon burning the town to the ground — a scene that bore a striking similarity to Game of Thrones‘ Cersei Lannister  watching her city erupt in flames from her balcony.

2) The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center

( Predicted- 1997 , Came true in- 2001)

In the episode New York City Against Homer( S9 Ep1 ), Lisa holds up a magazine with the word New York accompanied by a number nine against a silhouette of the Twin towers (World Trade Centre) – which makes the number 11.

Like it can't be ignored as just a coincidence, The show was banned in the US for a short period right after the 9/11 attacks and then the ban was revoked after placing some edits and cuts on the season 9 premier episode that hinted the 9/11 attacks.

3) The FIFA corruption scandal

 ( Predicted- 2014 , Came true in- 2015 )

In an episode( S25 Ep16 ), an official from the world governing football body, which is not explicitly named as Fifa, visits Homer Simpson to try and get him to help give them a better image as they have a reputation for being corrupt. Moments later, the character is handcuffed and led away by cops. He is also shown brandishing a French magazine cover with the headline: ‘Scandale De Football.’

The arrest of the world football federation representative who asks Homer for help was echoed in real-life in 2015 when FIFA bigwigs were charged with corruption.

4) The rigged voting machine

( Predicted- 2008 , Came true in- 2012)

In an episode( S20 Ep4 ), Homer enters a voting booth, but after casting his vote for Democratic candidate Barack Obama, Simpson is shocked to hear the machine reply, "One vote for McCain. Thank you." Homer repeatedly presses the Obama portion on the screen, only to get the same result again and again.

When a frustrated Homer declares the machine as rigged, a bottom compartment opens and sucks him into it. Bloodied and unconscious, Simpson is eventually spit back out.

In 2012 US presidential elections, several people happened to complain about potentially rigged voting machines that added their vote to Mitt Romney even if the voter pressed on Barack Obama's name.

5) The Trump card

( Predicted- 2000 , Came true in- 2016)

In what was meant to be the most absurd joke that Simpsons creator Matt Groening could think of, the episode 'Bart to the future'( S11 Ep17 ) sees Donald Trump as President of the US.
In this episode, Bart is shown a vision set 30 years in the future. Showing that America has hit rock bottom at the hands of Trump, who has left the country categorically broke.

According to scriptwriter Dan Greaney, the episode was intended to be a 'warning to America' of what could happen should the US go 'insane'.But clearly, no one took notice and in 2016  Donald Trump emerged as the President of the US.

6) The Acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney

( Predicted- 1998 , Came true in- 2017)

During the episode When You Dish Upon A Star( S10 Ep5 ), a sign outside of a building is shown that reads ’20th Century Fox, a Division of Walt Disney Co.’ This prediction came true only two years back, when it was revealed that Disney announced a $52.4 billion deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, including X-Men and the Home Alone series.

7) The Siegfried & Roy fiasco

( Predicted- 1993 , Came true in- 2003)

In an episode named $pringfield ( S5 Ep10 ), Homer and Ned Flanders travel to Las Vegas where they meet Gunter and Ernst, a Siegfried and Roy parody. Near the end of the episode, one of the duo’s white tigers attacks the performers.

The exact Scenario repeated itself 10 years later in one of Siegfried & Roy's show.
In 2003, Roy Horn of the duo Siegfried & Roy was attacked on stage by a 7-year-old white tiger named Montecore. Thankfully, Horn survived the attack and eventually regained the ability to walk and talk.

And many more.. The Simpsons have almost everytime hit the bulls eye with their predictions!  Let us know some more of the popular and interesting predictions from the Simpsons in the comments below.

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