Dream Match Wrestling Shirt Review

The Phenomenal One vs the Excellence of Execution T-Shirt Review
Shirt Print Design
Dream Match Wrestling is a clothing company & Instagram account. Their niche is wrestling and products based on the big what if matches that never happened. The company is run by two artist Dream MAKEAA & Sauce Killa. The shirt print I purchased was done by Dream MAKEAA.

The shirt I got was The Phenomenal One vs The Excellence of Execution. Now the shirt itself feels comfortable while wearing. The print isn't on the same fabric layer as the nonart fabric or color layer. Which when touching the print gives it a little rougher feel compared to the color but in turn a more 3d look and no I don't want the tables. What I did want was fast shipping and it was just that it. The shirt arrived in 3 days at no extra cost of the shipping. Please note they only have one shipping option.
The service and product are high quality

All in all, this is a great product from a small company that I would suggest taking a look at or if nothing else support the artist on social media.


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