Do you believe in ghosts??
Actually, still, some people don't believe in ghosts but according to science if any positive energies are there then negative energies will also be there so it means if God is there then the ghost will also be there.
Now the question comes "How we can contact them? ". The answer is the ouija board.

Ouija board
What is an ouija board? 

Actually, the ouija board is something which is used to contact the ghost. Now the question comes whether the ghost is existing or not. The answer is still a confusion but according to science if any good energy will be there then bad energy will also be there.
The way of using the ouija board are as follows:

•First, you have to make the ouija board on your own. The handmade ouija board is more effective.
•Use the glass on it for contacting a ghost. Glass is also more effective.
•Minimum 2 people have to play this game. They have to put their finger on the glass and have to start talking with a ghost.
•There is no need for any special tona totka language. You can talk in either English or Hindi normally.
•But the basic condition is that you can remove your finger from the glass and you can't remove the glass without saying goodbye to the ghost.
• If anything happens like that then it will be very harmful to you. Even don't ask ghost about how he/she got dead

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