POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA || Ranu Mandal is here


We heard about so many social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. But do you know it's power?
So, we have not heard about the power of social media but actually, the power of social media nowadays is a big power.
Do you know about Ranu Mandal??

This woman is Ranu Mandal. She uses to sing around the roadside and on stations. Her voice is as melody as Lata Mangeshkar.

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Check this link you will come to know about her voice
Ranu Mandal was born in Krishna Nagar but spent most of her time in her aunt's house after losing her mother early in life. At the age of 19, she married her neighbor Bablu Mandal and the couple went to Mumbai for in search of a job. Before 10years she came back to Ranaghat due to depression and start living alone in poverty.
On this Wednesday she went for a makeover for her SA RE GA MA PA audition.


• Atindra Chakroborty, a 26yr old engineer who first time heard Ranu Mandal song on the platform. He said that " I was hanging out with my friends at platform no 6 and we were listening to Mohammed Rafi Sahab song. We heard a woman is humming with the tone and sitting on the platform. We asked her to sing a song for her. She sang and we record it and upload it on social media. I was shocked by her melodious voice".

A Mumbai reality show now wants her to be part of it. So many people around her are giving her food and even she got so many calls for her viral video

Even her fame caught the attention of the District Administrative. The Local Block Development Officer planned to give her assistance and even they planned to facilitate her on 14th August as a part of the West Bengal Government's Kanyashree Divas celebrations.

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