Are we free?? || Independence Day

Way back,
70 years ago,
India broke the shackles from the British, finally could break them.

The sweats, bloods, hardship, sacrifices of our ancestors, of our soldiers, and everyone who was their, proves to be worthy.

Now, just teleport to present or I say reality.

We are now fighting with a battle within itself.

Fighting to save prestige of our country.
Fighting just to it is right.

We are just stucked.

We are not free yet not at all.
How can we say we are independent when a girl is not safe while walking on road alone ?
How we are independent when politics is choosen over life's ?
How we are independent when a little boy, in age of education have to sell flags, so he can send money to his house ?
How we are independent when a ₹100 note have louder action ?
How we are independent when every year farmers sucide just because God is upset ?

How we are independent, how we get freedom?

There is no answer to this questions

We still have to fight from these all fuckin corruption, sexual abuses, poverty, injustice and everything other thing things that let prestige of our country down.

Hoping this all will be shorted soon.
Hoping we got freedom from all these too.
Hoping for a brighter future.

Happy Independence Day

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat 

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