Fake Game Developer Exposed

XxMoo2k is a Fraud “Developer”

XxMoo2k or Cohen Parker claimed to be working on WWE 2K20. If that was the case this wouldn’t have seen the light of the internet.
He’s claimed to be “Main Dev media for 2k”, an “official worker of @wwegames franchise” & “Head Leader of Face Scans for @wwegames”. These claims are visible in his different social media profile biography sections. Another claim he has on his social media profiles is that he’s been working for 2k games since 9-3-17. He had a lot of contradicting claims like those for example when showing “early 2k20 footage” he had actually shown 2k19 gameplay footage and in turn, got called out. His response was that two of the games are very similar and he couldn’t show actual footage due to his contract. I would assume his contract renewal added a gag order because since WWE 2K20 has come out he had ghosted all social media profiles. So in-order to reach out to him during the investigation, I clicked the email button tab on his Instagram profile but received an email address not found from the mail delivery system in return.
XxMoo2k Instagram
XxMoo2k Failed Instagram Email

After this occurred I filed a support ticket with 2K Games where at first they thought I was reporting about a cheating player using bully tactics. They misunderstood me sent a copypasta
. However, I would eventually get told that they would further investigate but I would not get the results of the investigation. All of the support ticket screenshotted conversations are below.

Support Ticket Part 1
Support Ticket Part 2
Support Ticket Part 3
Support Ticket Part 4
Support Ticket Part 5
Support Ticket Part 6

Ultimately this guy is a fraud and the fact 2K didn’t know of him along with he’s been called out multiple times is pathetic. It’s even more pathetic that he ghosted his accounts when the game was called poorly developed. XxMoo2k is not a developer and never was. Proof Folder linked to check for yourself Proof Folder Link or https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=13R_C3mprx_MSgSIEQtOcXJGfViU8yT-9

Fake Developer tagline

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