Manmohan Singh’s target on Economy Slowdown

Manmohan Singh said at the center about the economy, Manmohan Singh said Government does not even realize the bad economy

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has targeted the Narendra Modi government over the current economy. He has said that the economy is going from bad to extremely bad and the dangerous thing is that the government does not realize this.

The former PM said that we are in an era of economic recession. The growth rate has come down to 5 percent. It reminds us of 2008 when the economy in our government came down drastically.

He said the decline at that time was due to the international financial crisis. At that time we had a challenging situation. It was a challenge for us, but we took this challenge as an opportunity and took steps towards strengthening the economy.

Even today, we are facing some similar situation, whether it is about real estate or agriculture. Due to the visible decline in each sector, the economy is continuously going down.

He said that if this situation does not come out then the worst situation will arise in the field of employment. If people continue to be unemployed, then the problem for the economy will increase further.

Congress is constantly attacking the central government regarding the economy. Recently, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took a sharp attack on the Center regarding the slowdown in the economy. Priyanka had said on Twitter, ‘The economy is going to fall into a deep abyss of recession. The sword is hanging on the livelihood of millions of Indians. There is a slowdown in the auto sector and the truck sector. The production-transportation sector is showing negative growth. This is a sign of the breaking trust of the market. When will the government open its eyes?

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