If you’ve read my first article, I mentioned I’ll go into great length about cataclysms that have occurred on this a planet, humans have a hard time contemplating the word “Cataclysm”, it even scares the most of us, perhaps is it a part of our genetic memory of the past that is psychologically repelling to the most of us?
The same psychology exists in the scientific community as they have a really hard time accepting and reviewing theories that involve cataclysms, as a result, their work remains redundant for years and not to mention the ad hominem attacks and the harsh criticism that the proponents of those theories go through, most of the times these theories are proven to be correct when finally a smoking gun is discovered that is absolutely irrefutable and in most cases it happens when the proponents have passed away or are very old in age and then they are so revered in the community later, I’m not saying criticism and skepticism is not important; sure they are very important but it turns malicious when the theory is very credible but is deliberately suppressed just because it challenges the fixed view.
Let me give you the example of the Dinosaur-Extinction theory is also popularly called the Alvarez hypothesis. The hypothesis is named after the father-and-son team of scientists Luis and Walter Alvarez, Luis Alvarez is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist; the Alvarez theory suggests that the mass extinction of dinosaurs (non-avian to be exact) and many other species of animals during the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction the event was caused by the impact of a large asteroid on Earth, this impact is supposed to have occurred around 65 million years ago, there is an ongoing research to find out the exact time period, it could go back earlier but there is absolutely no doubt that it was at least 65 million years ago.
Evidence suggests that the asteroid fell in the Yucatán Peninsula, at Chicxulub, Mexico; the impact resulted in the formation of a huge crater which is estimated to be 150 kilometers in diameter and 20 kilometers in-depth, well into the continental crust of the region of about 10-30 kilometers in depth. The asteroid is said to have been more than at least 10 kilometers in diameter to cause such a massive dent on the planet’s surface. The impact is estimated to have been over a billion times the energy released after the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The theory surfaced in the 1980s, long story short, after a lot of scrutinies and rigorous criticism, in March 2010, an international panel of scientists endorsed the Alvarez hypothesis, the discovery of Chicxulub Crater being the smoking gun which almost exactly coincides with the 65 million year timeline, they reviewed all the theories that suggested otherwise and rejected every single one of them, mass volcanism being the closest credible alternate theory.
I’m not going into any more detail then this about the dinosaur extinction theory; I’m just trying to make a point about how world-changing these asteroid impact events are, author Graham Hancock humorously brings it home by saying that this event was so big that it turned dinosaurs into chickens (some species of avian dinosaurs survived and they evolved into present-day birds) and there was another species of mammalian animals present during this event, small mouse-like creatures that were going nowhere, lurking around the forests, hiding underground in a world ruled by gigantic dinosaurs, the future seemed very bleak for these mammals until that asteroid entered the atmosphere, living deep underground helped them survive, the size of dinosaurs which was their strength up until that point suddenly became their vulnerability; with the dinosaurs out of their way, the small mammals were able to come out of the ground and evolve into even larger mammals, which eventually led to the advent of humans, the most complete mammal as of yet.
                                              Satellite image of craters on the moon. 
A few years earlier, a geological study suggested that if the present-day earth was to go barren, it would look exactly like the moon, littered with impact craters, we have been lucky, to say the least for the past at least 13,000 years when the most recent impact is supposed to have happened but remember the universe is at least 14 billion years old; 13,000 is such a minuscule number compared to 14 billion, it is not even equivalent to one day in the “space-age”. So the argument that there has not been an impact in several thousand years so it likely may never happen again is arrogantly stupid.
My main subject of interest for this article is the most recent Ice age, more importantly, its abrupt and catastrophic end, there have been at least 5 major Ice ages in Earth’s history, the reason for large scale glaciations are not known, it forms and recedes gradually, that’s what the data shows for the first 4 ice ages but not the most recent one, called The Pleistocene Epoch, it is defined as the time that began about 2.6 million years ago and lasted until about 11,600 years ago, but something really abrupt and utterly catastrophic happened in 12,980-11,600 years ago give or take a few hundred years, this period is called the Younger Dryas.  I want you to remember these two numbers because I will be referring to it a lot, it will be actually easy for you to remember them because you won’t be able to shake it off your head; if you connect the right dots you will be able to find the same dates in ancient myths and even they mention that something catastrophic happened to the humankind at that time.
The ice age reached its coldest point about 21,300 years ago, I want to tell you what the world was like at the time, massive ice sheets enshrouded the earth, the majority of these ice sheets were on North America and Europe, in North America these ice sheets were about 4-5 kilometers thick, yes you read that right, as a result of it, the global sea levels were 400 feet lower than what it is today, that means a lot of landmasses was above the sea level and now they have been totally engulfed by the ocean, these sunken land masses were coastal areas at the time, these areas were relatively warmer than the core landmass so they could’ve been the most ideal cradles of civilizations to thrive and prosper, well we really can’t blame the archaeologists sometimes because most of the evidence is buried in the ocean but there is very less marine archaeology done, their sole purpose is to look for sunken ships and there is very little funding but they’ve found many structures accidentally under the ocean but considering the scientific community’s rigidness we can say that they have been brushed away.
For example, there was a marine archaeological a survey was done in India along the coastal lines of Gujarat (Gulf of Kutch and Gulf of Khambhat) and South India in the 1990s to get an idea of how polluted our seas are, author Graham Hancock was a part of that dive and to their surprise they found giant structures and what was left of a huge city, they even recovered some artifacts, this became the headlines in some newspapers and there was a press conference held where it was announced that further tests would be conducted but disappointingly, it slowly mellowed out and people moved on with their lives, but some historians believed that they might have discovered the mythical land of  Dvaraka which was interpreted by many mythologists that it could’ve once extended outwards of the Gulf Of Kutch but it has long been submerged under the sea, in fact, the submergence has been clearly mentioned in the Mausala Parwa of the Mahabharatha.
 In the Marsala Parwa of the Mahabharata, Arjuna witnesses the submergence of Dvaraka and describes it as follows:
“The sea, which had been beating against the shores, suddenly broke the boundary that was imposed on it by nature. The sea rushed into the city. It coursed through the streets of the beautiful city. The sea covered up everything in the city. I saw the beautiful buildings becoming submerged one by one. In a matter of a few moments, it was all over. The sea had now become as placid as a lake. There was no trace of the city. Dvaraka was just a name; just a memory.”
So we must try to listen to what our ancestors are trying to tell us, you haven’t seen your great-great-grandmother that doesn’t mean that she didn’t exist, the answers of the future lie in the past.
I’m not gonna spill any more beans on this because I’m saving it up for another article completely focusing on Indian archaeology and myths, there have been other fascinating discoveries in South India and all this mysteriously links up to the Indus Valley civilization, all of which suggests that the civilization could be much older and rather than it being something new, it could’ve been a futile attempt to restore the parent civilization that got washed away.
In Greek mythology, even Plato has said similar things but about the mythical city of Atlantis, he has specifically mentioned the same date and the same cause for the demise of Atlantis, an article about this will be coming soon too; Not to mention the account of Biblical floods and if you didn’t know there is a flood myth found in all the major religious texts around the planet whose details are astonishingly similar.
Sometimes I wonder why does the scientific community doesn’t wanna discuss this, is it really because they are so absolutely sure that they are right or there’s a very manipulative and sinister agenda behind this, I’m not a being a conspiracy theorist but if you read between the lines you do find it very sketchy, for example, the CIA recently declassified a document about ancient civilizations and how advanced they were and it also discusses cataclysmic events that occurred thousands of years ago, you can find it online easily if you Google the right words, if you do you’ll discover that a lot of pages are missing if the CIA had to declassify it, it sure would’ve been something that they didn’t want common people to get their hands on. Think about it.
Coming back to Younger Dryas, there is no doubt in the a scientific community that something really catastrophic happens between 12,980-11,600 years ago starting from 12,980 years ago, as the world was slowly warming up, it plunged back into deep freeze, going back to colder than it had been, and then after a long very cold 1,380 years there was one more event that suddenly rose the global temperatures 11,600 years ago, several degrees in just 2-3 days which caused rapid flooding following which it reached the climatic state that it is today.
What caused this Younger Dryas cataclysm has been a debate, there are many compelling theories to explain what caused this but by far the most compelling and the most withstanding theory has been the Comet Impact hypothesis. It explains that as the world was slowly warming up 12,980 years ago, a large comet disintegrated into several pieces before entering the Earth’s atmosphere, there were many impacts all around the world but the deadliest of impacts were on the North American ice caps and Greenland icecaps, there are no craters here because the ice caps were itself 4-5 kilometers thick, although a crater has been found under the Greenland ice caps further studies have to be conducted to determine if it goes back to the Younger Dryas time period, but the comet has left its impact chemically all around the world in the form of nanodiamonds and large concentrations of chemicals like Iridium in several spots around the world where it can be assumed that large ice caps once existed.
Following the impact, sea levels rose exponentially as the impacts were on ice caps which suddenly deglaciated and caused huge floods which scarred away the continent of North America; this event is called Meltwater Pulse I-A (MP I-A=12,980 years ago) but the huge amounts of dust scattered because of the impacts in other places rose to the atmosphere which resulted in the formation of a huge mantel around the world, this mantel of dust blocked the sun’s rays from reaching Earth, so the planet plunged back into refreeze and the sea levels that had risen slowly receded and glaciated, after a deep freeze of 1,380 years, there was another series of  impacts from the leftover pieces of the original comet but this time predominantly in the oceans which again caused rapid flooding and rapid sea-level rise, approximately 400 feet, this event is called Meltwater Pulse I-B (MP I-B=11,600 years ago), the situation has been stable since.
I want you to take a second to contemplate all this information, maybe scroll up and read it again, I’ve tried my best to condense what is huge scientific research conducted over several years into one small paragraph?
These set of events lead to the collective extinction of megafaunas, for example the wooly Mammoths, almost 95% of species of large mammals were wiped out, the ones that survived were the ones living in Africa which were affected very minimally as compared to North America, a large part of African jungles have remained unexplored, so who knows they may still be thriving. The scientists have attributed these rapid and abnormal extinctions to humans, so called hunter-gatherers of that time just suddenly went on a killing spree and completely decimated a large number of species of Megafauna in the span of a few hundred years before they even got a chance to reproduce, well this also will be a subject of another article where I’ll tell you how the fossils of these species collectively date back to the Younger Dryas.
Now imagine the plight of humans during when all this was panning out let alone advanced civilizations, every physical evidence would’ve been reduced to rubble, we’ve always seen North America as a start of something new but in reality, it was the end of something great.
                                                A perfect illustration of coexistence.
Now I want to give you the perspective of alternate science researchers like Graham Hancock on what would’ve happened in the aftermath of Younger Dryas cataclysms, he always tries to relate it to our modern civilization as to how we would deal with it, making it very short, he says that advanced civilizations of that time would have no knowledge of survival and because of this massive hysteria would’ve been caused and the loss of resources would’ve caused massive wars which would further dig the wound deeper and only a minuscule number of humans from the civilizations would have survived and the hunter-gatherers living in the forests alongside them who were in the business of survival in their daily life would’ve survived in large numbers, relatively outnumbering the technologically advanced humans and the technologically advanced humans would then settle down with the hunter-gatherers and try to teach them sciences like agriculture, masonry, architecture, etc but eventually the hunter-gatherers would outnumber them easily and maybe a few hundred or thousand years later, an intellectual group of hunter-gatherers would branch out from their old groups who would continue to live as they always have and create new civilizations around the world on the foundations of what the ancients taught them, maybe new religions would have formed but the basic principles and the origin was the same that’s why you can see major similarities in ancient religions, those new civilizations led to what we are today; if a cataclysm of that magnitude were to happen today, logically, similar events would occur again in the aftermath and the next advanced civilizations, they would talk about as ancient advanced civilizations and the cycle would continue, whoever coined the phrase “History repeats itself” was absolutely on the money.
I want to talk more about comets and asteroids and how it still lurks around in our neighboring space as a threat to Earth but I’m gonna save that for another separate article as this one is turning out to be quite long.
Not only North America but the other continents around the world have also been substantially affected, and these sunken landmasses are absolutely where civilizations have thrived that’s why I’ve named this article cataclysms and flooded kingdoms of the ice age; we’ll discuss each one of them separately and in detail.
Throughout my upcoming articles, I’ll be mentioning and going into various details about separate pieces of evidence from fields like archaeology, geology, meteorology, topography, astronomy, mythology, etc which lead us back to the same period of 12,980-11,600 years ago but it is your job to connect the dots and decrypt our mysterious past which I assure you we’ll be doing as I keep publishing new articles talking about over a plethora of historical and religious texts and historical monuments that are all trying to us, the same thing and point out that specific timeline in history.
Thank you for reading.    


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