College vs School life

College life vs School life

Everyone nowadays believe that school life is best but have you ever thought why it so. Today i have answer of it.

Actually we got freedom in college but our childhood moments and habits will gone. We have to be mature after getting into the college. Sometimes college life will make so difficulties for you. Actually school life is best because at that no one is having any tension. All are free they can do whatever they want. They can go anywhere it’s easy for them. But after getting into the college it’s not easy, so many rules and regulations will be there.

The benefits and loss of college life :-

• In college, you will become self dependent but you can’t enjoy every moment because study pressure will be more on you. Even you started concentrating on your career.

• In college, life will get easy if you will make good friends and roommates. But if you got bad friend or roommate, your life will become so difficult for you.

• In college, life it’s easy to take your own decisions but sometimes whatever decision you will take that will not be as good. So after getting into college you have make control on so many things like anger,making decisions, making bff(BEST FRIEND FOREVER) , emotions.

So these are the benefits of college life. Now the benefits of school life :-

• In school, you will not be self dependent because your parents will think you are small and they will think about you.

• In school, life will easy only. You don’t need to take any tension because your parents will be there.

• The best part of school life is you don’t need to take any decisions by your own. At that time you will feel bad about this but later you will feel it’s good that we didn’t took any decisions.

Now you only decide which life is best but still one phrase will exist “SCHOOL LIFE IS GOLDEN PERIOD ENJOY IT AS YOU CAN”.

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