Five Things That Make Men Look Weak That You Should Stop Doing

Something that you should know is that despite what you might’ve been told our society or the one that we live in, is it a nice two-week mint? But here’s the crazy part. You might actually be a very strong man inside, but if you’re unknowingly doing things all the time that make others view you as weak, well then you’ll still be viewed as weak men and men who are viewed as being weak, get taken advantage of and pushed around. And trust me when I say that, you don’t want to be this guy. One of the biggest myths that men believe is that if they’re nice to everyone, then everyone will be nice back to them and they will end up getting everything they want. But the reality is that there are wolfs around every corner, and these are other men and women who can quickly spot weakness in a man and exploited. 

In one situation, you might have a Wolf who convinces your girlfriend, leave you. And in others, one of these so-called wolfs might take advantage of you at work where at school. But the good news is that they won’t attack you unless they sense weakness.

So here are five things that make men look weak that you should stop doing immediately.

1) Passive-Aggressive is by far one of the top things that men do that makes them look weak.

And it’s something that many men do without even realizing it. for example, If you had a roommate and this guy was a grown man in his early fifties and at first, things were alright, but after a couple of months things changed and the roommates started to get weird. The problem was that he was always mad at life because his wife divorced him in many other things that he blames on other people.

And when weak midget mad at life, they tend to take their anger out on other people. So aside from whispering Cursewords to himself in the bathroom, he would also do super passive-aggressive things like turn on the heat pump early while you are still sleeping, knowing that it was right by your window and loud enough to wake you up. Now, one of the major things that men unknowingly do that make them look weak is saying or do things in a passive-aggressive way. Traditionally, women tend to display passive behavior and men tend to be more direct. For example, imagine some guide doesn’t like one of my YouTube videos and instead of confronting me directly about it in private, he makes a video on his channel about why he doesn’t like it. As an example of a passive-aggressive, weak thing to do when strong men have a problem with something or someone, they handle it in a direct way rather than in a passive-aggressive way.

2) Super Emotional

You’re not going to believe how many men do this one without even realizing it. Think about the last time that someone said something really bad about you to your face. How did you handle that? Or maybe a friend told you what some jealous person that you don’t even know said about you behind your back. What are the main characteristics of weak men is getting too emotional now? The truth is that it’s okay for men to show some vulnerability now and then. This is something that women love and find very attractive, but it’s super important to simply remember the 80 20 rule. Traditionally, women tend to get more emotional than men, especially when they become upset. So men who get super emotional over petty things or when he gets insulted or upset is going to be viewed as a weak man by society.

Men who are viewed as strong or able to keep their emotions in check 95% of the time. And on the flip side, weak men are the ones who roll around with uncontrolled emotions 95% of the time.

3) Approval and Reassurance

Is yet another thing that men do that makes them look and like the others. We can almost guarantee that you might be doing this right now without even realizing it. Think about your typical day after you get dressed. Do you constantly ask other people how you look and when hanging out with your friends or family? Do you frequently ask them if they’re having fun or try to control their mood on the last date that you had with a girl where you constantly asking her how she feels or if she likes what the two of you are doing? One of the top things that men do that makes them look weak is constantly seeking reassurance from other people.

He sees weak men are consumed by what other people think about them and they’re basing their value off of these opinions. Constantly asking the people around you if they’re having fun or asking a girl about her mood is one of the fastest ways to unleash the so-called wolfs of society on yourself. The differences that strong men don’t need. Reassurance from older people about pretty much anything. While weak men seek approval and reassurance from others about pretty much everything.

4) Complaining

We have yet another thing that men do that makes them look weak, and this is something that so many guys do without even realizing it. Thinking about the last time that things didn’t go your way, what did you do when this happened? If you are a weak man, you would have whined and complained about it all day and if you are a strong man, you would have sucked it up and handled it.

If a bird takes a dump on your shoulder while you’re driving your car with the top of the shirt, get mad about it and complain for a few seconds because it’s good to get that anger out of you. But after that point, you have to be a man and do something about it and stop complaining. The difference here is that weak men will simply complain and whine about problems they’re having without ever doing anything to fix them. And one of the most unattractive things that you can do around girls just complains about things because nobody wants to be around a super negative person.

5) Talking behind their back

We have the final thing that men do that makes them look weak. And trust us when we say that, you aren’t going to want to miss this one. So many men do this one thing every single day without even realizing it.

And while they think that it makes them look super strong, it makes them look incredibly weak. When a girl does not like another girl, she will most likely say bad things about that girl. Two other girls and this is just the way that girls tend to do things, but this is something that men should never do. And it’s only the weakest men who talk about other men behind their back. For Example, Your friend who would always say bad things about other people, especially other men when you all hanging out in a large group and every single time that a man says something bad about another man in front of other people, he probably thinks in his head that it makes him look better. But what happens is he just tells everyone around him that he is a hateful dude. And that he is weak and that he feels threatened by the other guy. So unless you want the wolves to come knocking at your door, try not to do these simple things that make men look weak.

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