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Gracie being treated at Animal medical Center

On March 9 2016, a pit bull was chained on to a fence in Brooklyn by three guys, the bruised face pit bull was helpless and in pain. In the morning, a dog rescue organisation named Mr Bones and Co came up to rescue and her picture was posted on social media and within few hours of posting it went viral. She was being treated at Animal Medical Center as she had some serious facial injuries and her jaw was broken (necrotic tissue). After the treatment, she was brought to foster home where she was being cared and loved.

Gracie with her mother Tanya

On April 1st, she was picked up from the foster home and was reunited with the rescuer who found her. Then, she had a second meeting with a lady named Tanya who was ready for the adoption and while coming back to foster home the lady was playing with the pit bull. They instantly bonded and Tanya adopted the pit bull and she is named as ” Gracie “. After the adoption her life totally changed, she is loved and cared by Tanya and she is a happy dog, she is a good and nasty licker she licks and kisses her mother. Gracie is the happiest dog after her bad experience. Gracie started connecting with other people, being it licking there faces and lying on there lap, all she need is love. After 3 years, Gracie now is a social media star she has over 93,000 followers in Instagram and she is being featured as a model for Darren and Philip clothing brand for dogs.She has lots of dog friends. Gracie is now known as “Global Kissing Machine” as she has traveled more than 100 states to give her licking kiss to people. She has now living most happiest life with her mother Tanya who is always there to support her.

A recent Image of Gracie.

Gracie is the most bravest dog she has inspired us to be fearless and loving. After all that bad experience, she just wants love and her kiss to someone.

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