Relationship || Long distance relationship is difficult


Nowadays we all use to love someone or we have a crush on someone. It’s possible that love us back or they also have a crush on us. The story began when two people love each other and propose each other. If you propose then you will get into a relationship.

No relationship can be of three types:

  • Long-distance
  • Live-in
  • Distance


A live-in relationship is very easy actually. In this relationship, you guys can stay together in one house. It’s nothing like distance. But in India, if you will check you will come to know that a very less number of people are in a live-in relationship.

It’s not bad, but our Indian society is taking a long time to accept it. But staying in one home with someone whom you love is something romantic or interesting.

It’s good if you will see nowadays problems between husband and wife that they don’t know each other and they got married. So it’s good also and bad also. Bad in the sense, if you will stay in the same home and if any misunderstanding will happen then you guys will be separated then it will be difficult for you also to stay without them.


It’s something like you will stay in the same city and the same Place but cannot stay in the same home. With teenagers you will not have your own home if you will fall in love, then it will be a distant relationship because being in the same city you guys can’t stay in the same home.


Nowadays the biggest problem for all lovers. If you will be in the same place, then you can stay together but if you will be in a different country then it will be a long-distance relationship.

The main problem in this relationship will be time. When the girl will get time, the boy will be busy and when a boy will get time, the girl will be busy.
To manage the distance relationship there must be some management like:
• You should have to manage the time according to your busy schedule. You have to bring some time for each other.
• You should have to maintain the trust level with each other or else it will not work.
• You should have to tell everything to your partner. Make them feel that I am always thinking about you
• You should have to make your partner feel happy by sending your daily schedule information.
• You should have to remember all the important dates related to your partner
If you get any time just go and meet your partner, then the only long-distance relationship will work. Loving someone is easy but maintaining is difficult. So if you want your partner to be yours, then maintain also.

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  1. love is not anything which should be done with planning, if someone reads the eonline tips and try those on partner then it is only show off, fake and temporary. Love should be something which comes from your heart and mind,and I think the lovers should find out their own way to be happy taking care of both ones need and habit.tios will manage to make rhem happy for short period but the real feeling coming from their own heart will make them happy forever.And rarely this kind of relationship exists,

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