The Who’s Right Podcast Voicemail Story

The Story of the Voicemails that Prevailed
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The Who’s Right podcast is a podcast hosted by Doug & Anthony. No wait Anthony mom is a hoe They would get 10 downloads before the unthinkable happened to them and their voicemail

The Official Podcast member Kaya Orsan would give them a Shout out where he told people to call into there voicemail for the official Podcast. This would lead to a spike in there numbers and voicemails. This practical joke would go on weeks and still is at the current moment. Where Kaya would play clips of these voicemails on his show and encourage more. Due to this, The Who’s Right Podcast has made 6 episodes dedicated to listening to voicemails so far.

While it may be getting old like Doug & Anthony. The callers keep getting younger and younger. So these callers are dubbed the 12-year-olds by them. This joked It may feel like this could go on for 12 more years. It is a win-win for both. Who’s Right Podcast has new listeners and The Official Podcast has content.

Moral of The Story: Doxxing can be positive… No no no leak a public voicemail for content. I think that’s it.

Kaya Orsan

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