Jon Moxely vs Kenny Omega : AEW Full Gear Match Review

Omega vs Moxley (Lights Out Match) Match Review

Moxley at Full Gear
AEW 2019©

Overall it was good to match. It’s not often that these types of stipulations feel warranted and AEW got it right on that note of building the feud to need this match. My main criticism is the excessive violence felt like too much at times and it was but on the contrary, that type of boundary-pushing played into the match’s story. I think they could have toned down on the “garbage spots” not key to the story and for those wondering what doesn’t mean weapon spots. In most cases I usually hate glass being used in wrestling as a weapon but when I realized it came from Moxley’s initial attack on Omega at Double or Nothing it just gave the situation a different feel and added to the story. I also believe that when the Elite came out to try and reason with Omega but he wouldn’t and couldn’t because he had gone too far in this blood feud it was excellent symbolism of the feud as a whole.

To conclude, I enjoyed the match and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next on AEW Dynamite with these two.

Omega and Moxley standoff on AEW DYNAMITE
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