Indian vs western dress

Indian Dress 

The dress is the basic thing which we think before going anywhere because if you dress nicely then only your confidence level will increase.
Now the first thing comes in your mind is Indian dress or Western dress.
The priority is given to the western dress because everyone uses to think that they will look very cool and smart in that. But there is nothing like that in Indian dress you will look more beautiful and smart.

Where we will wear Indian dress:

•In marriages especially, Girls use to wear Indian dresses in marriage especially because they feel that this is Indian culture.

• In engagement or any anniversary, girls use to wear Indian dresses.

• In some functions which are related to Indian culture.

Where we will wear a western dress:

•At parties or some birthday, everyone uses to wear western dress only.
• In marriage, boys use to wear western dress only.
• In-office meetings and office related work, everyone uses to wear western dress.

I am not saying that we should have to start boycotting western dress. We should have to show our culture also by wearing Indian dress everywhere.

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