Dangerous Selfies taken around the world 2019


The Oxford Dictionary defined the word selfie as “the photograph taken by one of oneself by using smartphone, webcam and uploaded on social media.

Nowadays people got craze of taking selfies. For getting popular by the re selfie they are taking selfies on the train track, on the top of long buildings, and so many places where it is a very nice scenario. But they don’t have any idea about the risk they are taking for the sake of one selfie.

There are 259 death reports in which drowning was the number 1 cause of death by a failed selfie. The second cause of people taking a selfie in front of the oncoming trains. And rest is the falling from a height, wild animals,  firearms and electrocution.
Here are the top 3 dangerous selfies:

1. Stunt Wu Yongning is known for scaling skyscrapers without safety equipment. At the age of 26, he was having 60000 followers on Chinese social media network Weibo. But unfortunately, he died during one of the stunts by falling from 62nd story building.

2. Russian model Viki Odintcova risked her life for the perfect shot in Dubai. The model was leaning from the very high building by holding one-man’s hand without any support and that man is also not holding anything.

3. Photographer Alexander Remnev has cultivated a dangerous habit with his friends. They travel the world and search the highest and scariest skyscrapers to jump from the top of it. So far they haven’t gotten too much trouble by the police.

You should not have to take the risk of your life for the sake of these selfies and followers on social media. Please don’t try this thing.

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