Guidelines for writing articles:

  1. A minimum of 2 images must be provided per article. Images Must be relevant to the subject matter and should belong to the author or must have a royalty free origin.
  2. A minimum of 3 paragraphs are to be provided under the context of one heading and two subheadings.
  3. Bold and Italics must be utilized wherever necessary. headings are strictly bold and external links shared within the article are always shown in Italics.
  4. All contents and words used within the article must be your own copying / counterfeits is strictly prohibited . Plagiarism and copyright issues are strictly monitored. 
  5. Articles should answer a direct question with more than one answer. Promise a detailed explanation. Provide a set of attributes. Look neat and organized.
  6. A minimum of 100 words is expected in articles and failure to provide will result in discard of articles, A prior notice shall be sent to the author before the article is removed and changes fulfilling request will be encouraged.