Terms and Conditions For Payments:

  1. Article receives its respective one-time payment after reaching the specified individual views.
  2. Articles must reach a definite number of 3000 individual users to avail the fixed price of  4.87 USD, 4.30 ER, 350 INR.
  3. Authors can either choose a one-time payment for their article upon reaching the target or can adopt a donation request in their article. 
  4. Repost of articles shall and non quality content with copyright issues shall not be a recipient of payments by any means.
  5. Users of automated engines, software and other illegal means to gain views shall be banned and payments on their articles throughout their individual timeline shall be seized.
  6. Blogger who write their first blog will get Rs 100 as a welcome gesture
  7.     Payments will be made through Paytm account of kriyetive
  8. Blogs that reaches 3000 visits will be made a payment of 350 rupees onetime payment only (date of the blog will be the start period and 30 days’ time will be provided to complete the target)
Terms and conditions apply. We the founders of kriyetive.com hold the right to change the above-mentioned format of the agreement without prior notice at any time. The prices mentioned above may change form time to time, users are requested to check with our personnel prior to applying for payments.