Free Instagram Promo ?!?!

What’s @theunitedpromotion on Instagram?

There Logo

Well, it started as an Instagram promotion in October 2018 its goal is to promote content, but something set it apart. The idea to be completely free and promote kindness. They started two types of post at the beginning. A quote and bio for the person/brand. Now they also have a Podcast and a video format included along with over 1000 Instagram followers
The Quote is used to either share wisdom, mission statement, or a straight advertisement to follow the person.
The Bio is used to describe/detail a person and their content
The now incorporated podcast is interviewing people who’ve been posted.
The video post is where a person describes their brand as a form of the promo.
Their Self Description
“The United Promotion is a movement of creators for you by you helping give the best exposure and connections to bring a community of diversity together. We are all about helping and giving back while maintaining core principles to the brand.”
How to get posted
Text @theunitedpromotion on Instagram. And tell them Kriyetive & Cody Blade sent you.
A Quote Post

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