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What is Android P? Android P is the latest Android officially launched by its parent company Google. This is the ninth android firmware revealed by the tech giant Google Here in this article, you will learn how to download Android and install it on your devices. The links to downloads are provided by Kriyetive. Kriyetive is your One stop solution to all your tech relates Information and solutions, So make sure to bookmark us while you enjoy this article.

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How is it different? Android P has been developed with the core concept of working with Artificial intelligence and this piece of software is expected to feature some of the latest expectations like the improved battery, device performance, adaptive battery and Adaptive brightness on your devices. The devices containing android p shall also contain the latest hardware from Google on its featured device the pixel.

As we all must know the latest version if the android shall be launched on the pixel devices before other device and Sources on the Internet say that the new pixel devices Containing the new android P.
l run on the Latest version on android P and its Updates may start rolling out to latest and previous models of the pixel devices before other platforms.

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It is available for download? As of August-7 the official stable version of the new android pie has been released in the market and there are various places to try out this piece of Android. Links are to be provided below and since kriyetive is a one way stop to all your Android related solution we provide you with one-stop download for the android P from here and also some of the best tweets relates to Android P. There is now an Android version of our Virtual Volunteer app to go with the IOS version released earlier this year. Now you can time keep and scan using your phone when volunteering at park run.

How cool is that! What are the Developers calling it now? There is now a word out for this upcoming technological marvel and it is been called the ” PIE ” in the Android world many platforms like the xda forum and android central prefer to call it the Android Pie. The Latest version of Android on the market is about to hit in the mid-year of 2019 or we can also expect a quick launch of this android p on the end of this year.

How to download android P image File? Link to download android P Image File Using the link provided in this Article or just visit the Download page to obtain the image file from Kriyetive > Downloads > Android to download your File.

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Other links Include some free sources to download the android P Files for your Pixel Devices. Use the link to download the image file and flash it into your device. If you do not know what an image file is then you must probably not try this method and wait for the official Update.

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