Embedded Selfie Camera : The Next Big Thing

Hello and Welcome to kriyetive 1 min reads. Phones with embedded screen camera are the Next big thing For smart phones right now.

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Yes ! I am talking about the camera placed within your smart phone screen, With today’s competition in the smartphone market people keep looking for something new and Samsung has always been innovative keeping people’s demands in mind, they recently unveiled the launch of new smart phones with Embedded screen camera. Why the need an embedded selfie camera ? Embedding a camera within a screen is a necessity, you see notch displays were never meant to exist, when the not displays started rolling out in the mid 2017’s people naturally showed much hatred towards them.

The goal behind the notch was to avail as much screen as possible, so it is only natural for notch to wipe-out of smartphone design The smartphone industry requires a full screen smartphone so it was necessary to remove the notch bringing it closer to a full body to screen ratio. While the notch failed to meet expectations, other companies like one plus started adopting a teardrop notch or a water drop notch as it is called, but this doesn’t make much of a difference, so there is a wide range of high paying class of people who prefer the notch gone.

Benefits of Embedded Notch ! With the notch gone there is more screen to body ratio in phones, i.e., the new phones comes with a new full screen design.The new screen ratio is best fit for entertainment purposes and the full screen system also brings about new UI designs and web applications into the existing smartphone markets. Should You Buy One Right Now ? The answer to that is pretty simple, Buying a new phone for functionality depends on your requirements. Thats what everybody tells you, isn’t it.

Well we here at kriyetive suggest you the right way, If you are looking to get rid of your old smartphone and buy a new one then always go for the notch less phones. If you are looking to replace a new phone with the notch less embedded selfie camera phone then you can wait.

The smartphone industry changes every six months and new phones roll out every year, So new and better versions show up easily after some time. Thank you for Checking this article on Kriyetive. we are a one stop shop for all your Design needs, You can checkout the new content on kriyetive.com .

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