Zelina Vega Blocks Over THICC

Zelina Vega Doesn’t play with creepy comments

Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega blocked a Instagram account @jerseywrestlingfanatic_ over the word thicc. He commented on a post of her selfie on instagram which in turn caused his block. The comment goes as follows “You Thicc”

Zelina must of been grossed out from this compliment for it to cause a block. It may also be because she is married to Aleister Black. I could not reach her for comments on the situation but when @Jerseywrestlingfanatic_ was asked for comments he said “I commented thicc underneath one of her posts…Ik it’s dumb but still Lmao”.From this I knew it was a joke.

Moral of the story:Don’t come off as  a creep Zelina will block you and so will any other person who feels the same way. He may be a fanatic but she drew the line

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